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Thrilling courtroom drama in the historic Washington County Courthouse

Murder and mayhem was rampant at the historic Washington County Courthouse in March thanks to the amazing performance put forth by the Zephyr Theatre troupe. Agatha Christie’s Witness for The Prosecution is one of the great courtroom dramas, and the Courthouse provided the perfect backdrop for the ten-show run.

Mediamazing was excited to once again record the performance for the archives of the theatre, capturing the historic occasion.

Alex Galick’s Leonard Vole denies the allegations against him for the murder of Emily French in Agatha Christie’s “The Witness for the Prosecution”.

Alex Galick’s Leonard Vole denies the allegations against him for the murder of Emily French in Agatha Christie’s “The Witness for the Prosecution”.

It's a Wonderful Life at the Zephyr Theatre

In collaboration with Crosswinds Community Church, the Zephyr Theatre produced the classic Frank Capra story It’s a Wonderful Life. The tale about dreams, sacrifice and redemption in small-town America sold out during its run through December.

Travis recorded one of the last performances.

Its a Wonderful Life.png
"Twelfth Night" on the St. Croix by Zephyr Theatre

The Zephyr Theatre in Stillwater, Minnesota, performed an amazing outdoor production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” at the Bayport Marina along the shoreline of the St. Croix River. Featuring professional actors who have performed in productions at The Guthrie, The Ordway, Children’s Theatre Company and Park Square Theatre.

Travis recorded the last performance of the six-night run.

twelfth night.png
StoryArk Festival 2018

StoryArk provides a variety of creative programming for youth, allowing them to tell their story through their chosen medium - whether that be a novel, poetry, film, song, podcast or anything else they can dream up. The culmination of the groups came together for one night to perform in front of a live audience at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, WI.

For the second year, Travis helped in the audio/visual department for the event, and worked with the film students.

"Children’s Miracle Network + Dairy Queen" - Short Film

The organizations of Children’s Miracle Network & Dairy Queen teamed up at DQ's headquarters in Minneapolis, MN for a video produced by Provid Films, on April 1st, 2018.

The social media film features a child who gets to develop his own special flavor of a Blizzard® at Dairy Queen Headquarters and will be aired online and potentially broadcast TV.

Travis worked as a 2nd Camera Operator (with a Sony FS7) on the film and enjoyed working with the talented crew ranging from art director, director, to lead DP, sound technician, and of course the great people at Dairy Queen corporate offices.

Zephyr Theatre Presents: Disney's Mulan Jr.

Working with 107 students from the Stillwater area, the Zephyr Theatre produced Disney’s Mulan Jr. Displaying the amazing talent in the St. Croix Valley, the students performed three sell-out shows.

Mediamazing produced DVDs of the final performance.